IPad Application Development

SML Solutions guarantees a service of development of IPad applications (or Apps) of the highest quality. We are experts in the development of apps that allow subsequent marketing of these, achieving top positions in the different applications Marketplace: App Store and Google Play.


We work with state-of-the-art technology, managing to develop the best native applications for devices equipped with an Apple or Google operating system.

With the massive sale of Smartphones and Tablets we are betting much of our technology in enhancing web applications for adaptable mobile devices, as well as making the most of the technology of the touch screen.


We will sit with you and listen to your idea or initial proposal to advise you on the functionality of your iPad app and create an attractive design that facilitates user navigation.


We carry out a preliminary study and analyse the requirements to define the optimal strategy and propose the best solution. We program and implement the functionality of the native application for the necessary platforms following the SCRUM Methodology.


We test and validate the functionality / usability of the app until the agreed quality is achieved, and then publish it in selected markets or integrate it into your company’s internal systems.


Mobile and tablet applications are a must for brands and businesses. Since the birth of devices such as the iPad, and with which Android works, we have been driving efficiency and increasing consumer participation in the mobile market. It is no longer crazy to think about getting a sale through mobile marketing actions. Indeed, many branding strategies go through developing free Apps to encourage the increase of your propositions value.

User Interface and Interaction Design
We design attractive and usable user interfaces, intuitive, pleasant and that generate experiences through multiple platforms for all types of projects. We work closely with our clients during the process. United Kingdom minimum deposit casinos. An even bigger attraction is a casino that can give you a bonus or free spins on such a minimal deposit. Casinos that offer all three – a minimum deposit option. Low deposit bonus casinos are not common. £1 seems like such a small amount in this era, but here is some good news, you can with just 1 pound. Our UI team and UX experts use the most modern methods in participatory design to develop the best user experience possible, allowing us to generate iPad Marketing campaigns with a much higher recurrence and virality factor.

Development of custom iPad applications
Using the latest technologies in design and development of user interfaces and mobile application development methodologies, we offer for all devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, Java, Blackberry … Our solutions include native application development applications and solutions with a Cross-platform HTML5-based platform that offers its users a hybrid for mobile applications, websites or both.