Magento Web Development UK

Considered a leading provider of open source solutions, Magento specialises in website design and development, driving business growth by embedding it in the global marketplace through eCommerce and content management in social networks, driving the positioning of our clients.


SML Solutions is an agency specialised in Magento for the development of web sites suitable for each company, implementing the strategy that the team of developers and creatives generate through an operation system that is in charge of the content management and potentiates the sales of our clients.


For the good development of an eCommerce, it must go through a process of identification that suits the needs of our customers, where a diagram is presented describing the methodology step by step explaining the behavior of Magento. In this way, compatible models are built for each client, which specifically manages content management, presentation and product description.

A fundamental part of the strategy is focused on the personalised and responsive design according to the needs of the client. Magento has created a platform that adapts to the multiple devices that users frequent for browsing websites, which will allow easy access, and an increase in sales thanks to the facilities offered by the specific modules for each online store. It then is a question of designing a more effective and precise structure for the user.


The strength in the development of the site is focused on the user experience (UX User Experience), which means that a user-friendly, dynamic and secure site can be offered to the user, taking into account the essential characteristics of the brand. This allows for the positioning of the store through a general branding that potentiates the site.


Magento is a platform that has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification that generates a wide security in the handling of personal data of the user according to the purchases or orders required by them. It also offers facilities with different payment gateways that streamline the purchase and shipping of the product.


The team performs a meeting to go hand in hand with the client in every aspect that needs to be structured, modified and improved on their site. This gives them the greatest satisfaction in the final delivery of their project. It takes into account different important elements: wireframe, menu, categories, products (number of articles and SKU’s), news, promotions, shopping bag, user login, payment and shipping methods, privacy policies, newsletter, blog, keywords and social networks.


Because of this superb tried and tested structure, the user finds the online store attractive, prompting them to purchase products of their liking.