Bespoke CRM System Development

At SML Solutions, we develop web systems that besides being personalised, stand out for having a modern and attractive front-end in combination with a powerful and agile back-end.


Our management systems are programmed and designed to deliver high performance and to be fully scalable. We guarantee that the performance is optimal for each customer.


Our clients have personalised attention by mail and telephone to address any concerns that arise, both during development and once the work is completed and delivered.

Customised CRM Development

“Each company and each individual has different needs”

At SML Solutions we understand this premise perfectly. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions for each individual or company, developing particular software for each need .


Thinking of managing all your customers, prospects, contacts, tasks and events from a single web application?


Would you also like this same system to alert you when a customer was not contacted or when a sales goal is not being achieved?


Who is your most valuable employee? With our system, since you audit your company every day, you can be alerted to take corrective measures on time.

Our proposal:

  • 100% custom development, tell us your dream.
  • Adaptation of the Look & Feel to the aesthetic line of the company.
  • User Profiles
  • Sellers, Supervisors, Managers, Administrator. Each user plays a role in the system.
  • Each user can customise their view to taste.
  • Comprehensive Customer Management
  • Bulk client import
  • Client Finder with configurable filters.
  • List of Clients with personalised view by each user (each user can define the columns he wants to see and the order using the drag & drop system)
  • Control of approval of Clients Registration (control made by the administrator or supervisor)
  • Each user can create tasks and each task instances follow up. Actions can be defined to follow-ups such as a reminder or a meeting agreed with the Client.
  • Alerts. The system opens a small popup (similar to a facebook chat window) to alert us to a task that must be fulfilled.
  • Calendar of Tasks
  • The system includes a graphical view of month, week and day of the calendar to see all assigned tasks.
  • Campaign Management
  • The supervisor or administrator can generate campaigns and self-generate tasks to sellers to execute the defined action.
  • The clients that are required in the campaign are associated.
  • The objective of the campaign is defined. For example, offer a particular product or promotion.
  • The system automatically generates a task to each executive of each customer in the campaign so that the customer is contacted.
  • Campaign reports are generated.
  • Automatic alarm system
  • The most important innovation is the ability to define different audit metrics to the system so that it alerts us when a deviation occurs. Eg: we want to be notified if the sales targets are being reached by 10 days of the month, otherwise, alert us by email and / or generate a task to the supervisor of sellers who did not make sales to alert them of the situation.
  • Reports. It includes the formation of different statistical and management reports. Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF.
  • 100% self-administered system
  • The system is self-administered. This means that the administrator can load client’s company headings, types of contacts, campaigns, tasks actions, etc.