Digital Marketing Leeds

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is already part of the life of anyone with Internet access, and now it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to live in a world without it, is not it?
Although it emerged just over 20 years ago, this marketing aspect has revolutionised the way companies communicate with consumers.


But after all, what is digital marketing?
Digital Marketing is to promote products or brands through digital media. Therefore, with the internet ever more present in everyone’s life, digital marketing works with the all the top ways businesses have to communicate with the public directly, personally, and at the right time.


The process of positioning your business or content in the top places of the search engine results is called search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO solutions include competitor analysis, keyword research, content auditing and page optimisation. This mix gives you a better chance at positioning the search terms that are relevant to your business and that are also based on actual searches for information that suggests the people who are looking for it.

Digital Marketing

Pay per click is a form of Internet Marketing that helps your site gain qualified prospects from programs or search engines like GooglePPC ads are placed in prime locations on the search results page. Potential customers will notice the ad when they type in any of the keywords related to your ad.


Advertising with PPC offers an effective way to reach potential customers when they are looking for your services and products.

Social Media Marketing

Having a professional and well-designed social media marketing plan is a very powerful plus for any modern business marketing strategy. But what is it exactly?
It is the organisation, planning and adaptation of the different social media that we have within our reach to establish an online communication channel with our users with the ultimate plan of achieving the goals that your company needs and where the user ALWAYS is located in the Centre.

Online Reputation and Brand Management

Online Reputation is the reflection of the prestige of a person, company or brand on the Internet, created not only by the company themselves, but also by other people who exchange information and opinions about it on the Internet through forums, blogs or social networks.


Online Reputation Management is based on the compilation of all related information, including its follow-up, with criteria of whether or not it affects the “reputation” and “image” of the person, company or brand, but also of their management or “control”, that is, to influence those contents that harm the brand.

Local SEO

SEO is changing, the way people search is changing and even the way users navigate has varied considerably in recent years. Local SEO refers to relevant searches for a user based on their current location. If for example you look for “furniture store”, you will see the stores that are near your city (for example, Leeds).


To realise the dimensions of these local searches, the related data is overwhelming:

  •  Almost 40% of searches are local
  • 4 out of 5 people are looking for local information with their mobile phone

Link Building

The building of links or link-building serves to improve the natural positioning of your website in search engines, being an important part of SEO optimisation. It is not the amount of incoming links to your website which helps to be online but the quality of those links.


You can get inbound links from other websites. From blog comments, contextual links, social bookmarks and the like, the links should be customised based on each site. For example, it does not make sense to have a link from a restaurant if you offer crane machinery