Magento Website Development

Magento is the leading open source platform of the moment for eCommerce. It is a tool to create and manage any type of business, since its flexibility allows to adapt to brands of clothes, electronics etc.


Magento is an online trading platform, open source, with which you can carry out all kinds of projects related to selling on the Internet.


Magento allows the construction of a totally customised site and for you to have absolute control over the functionalities of the sales channel.


Thanks to its modular system design, it is both highly flexible and scalable. Due to its freed code philosophy, it has the support of a very active and extensive community of developers, allowing constant innovation.

Popularity of Magento

By these two characteristics and the intelligence with which it’s developed, Magento’s core has become the most popular and used ecommerce online software worldwide.

Features of Magento

Many of the features offered by the core of Magento are similar to those of other popular platforms:


• Possibility of customisation of the design
• Multi Language Support
• Multi-platform capability (manage multiple stores from a single administration panel)
• Total and complete catalogue and product management
• Customer Management
• Multiple forms of payment and shipping
• Inventory and Stock Control
• Possibility of comments and evaluations
• Web and CMS: 2 in 1

Marketing Tools

• Cross-selling, suggested products, related products
• Set up coupons and promotions

The success of Magento

But without a doubt, what makes it powerful is the multitude of modules that currently exist and that confer any other service imaginable at an affordable cost.


Another of the characteristics that Magento excels at is the online store manager. This enables the pages our team make to rank well in search engines. Of course, we will always have to have minimum guidelines to do it properly, but usually we will be well placed in the starting box. It is a way to provide excellent visibility to your business.


There is also a version of Magento Enterprise that is geared more towards medium and large companies than small ones. It offers us full support and greater functionality than the standard version, which has the support of the community. This enables us to offer professional and complete 24 hour support, as well as additional modules that can be interesting for your business.