Android Application Development

In this sense, having a native mobile application will help to facilitate and improve the experience of all those users who access us through their mobile device, allowing us to create a more specific brand image and improving navigation through mobile devices. It will also aid in adapting the commands and characteristics of these.

How should the design of mobile applications be considered?


At SML Solutions, due to our long experience in the world of mobile applications, we know the importance of good design. Furthermore, the design is not only based on a good choice of colours and the introduction of the logo, but every small movement counts and everything should be in place to improve:


  • The image of the company and enhance its values and objectives
  • User experience and navigation


If we start from the two points above, a good design of mobile applications is one that matches the image of the company. The choice of colour is important but much more is knowing how to place the different elements. We must study and analyse where and how we distribute each of the sections of our mobile application and thus make our users go wherever we want.


It is essential that the image we give our company is in accordance with our goals and values. Likewise, if we have a web page, our mobile applications can be an extension of this and therefore must be related to it in terms of design.


A design should be attractive, that draws the attention of the user, but also facilitates navigation. A key factor is that the design makes our mobile application an attractive product in sight and encourages the user to enter, navigate and interact.


  • Development of mobile applications


A good design is just the tip of the Iceberg, because behind is all the development part, the one that makes our mobile application work and do it correctly. For this we can develop our mobile applications based on four different types of platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


Application development for iOS: applications specifically adapted for mobile devices with iOS platforms, whose operating system bases its interface on the concept of direct manipulation, introducing control elements such as sliders, buttons or switches.


Development of applications for Android: along with the above, mobile applications for Android are the most used and have become a strategy within digital marketing. Its main point for business is that Android mobile applications are designed to improve the user experience at all times.


Development of applications for Windows Phone: this is a very attractive operating system facing the user, so mobile applications designed for Windows Phones seek to make the most of its interface to constantly improve the user experience.


Development of BlackBerry applications: Mobile applications designed for BlackBerry devices must be designed and adapted to the characteristics of this type of Smartphone, as they do not use the same navigation system, commands or device structure as the rest.


With all of the above, and once we have already created our mobile application, it is time to position it in the market. £1 Deposit Casino List of UK Casinos with £1 as Minimum Deposit. Low deposit bonus casinos are not common. £1 seems like such a small amount in this era, but here is some good news, you can with just 1 pound get free spin – all are mobile. For this, it is essential to have a good positioning strategy and thus to ensure that our mobile application is always among the top positions of the main search engines.