Social Media Management

Social Media Management


An important point in Internet marketing is the management of profiles in Social Networks. We take care of creating the profiles of your company in Leeds and manage them daily to attract visitors to your website, boost your brand and reach potential customers. With this kind of social media management, your company will get more presence on the Internet.

We manage your social networks in a professional and efficient way


We accompany you in your first steps in social networks such as Blogger and Google , putting at your disposal a specialist who will be responsible for creating and managing all social media areas, such as your Facebook page (with Facebook Paid Ads) and your Twitter profile.


This is a unique and massively successful way to communicate with your customers, announce services, products and promotions in a professional and effective way; thus, you can increase your reputation, brand image and your sales. In addition, we will be aware of everything that is said about your business on the Internet so that nothing escapes you (brand monitoring).

Social Networks


Facebook allows, among many other things, the exchange of videos, links and photographs, and the possibility to comment all of them. Being a general social network, many people have an account and, therefore, it is easy to find people who have an interest in the content that we publish.


Twitter offers information in real time and allows the exchange of messages and information of up to 140 characters. It is ideal for providing links and brief reflections, and for quick conversations.

You Tube

YouTube is the most popular online video community in the world and allows millions of users to find, watch and share videos. Currently YouTube can integrate with Google , Facebook and Twitter profiles.


LinkedIn is a very powerful and popular tool, used to establish relationships in the business world. They have inaugurated a series of services for companies to increase their presence on the site; you can add a module of products in which companies offer a showcase to see what each organisation offers. In addition, company pages allow you to show customer recommendations and help build the company credibly on LinkedIn.

Do not wait for customers to stumble upon your website, you have to go to where they are. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks and you do not have the time or simply do not know how to do it, count on us. We help you generate relevant content of interest to your customers on platforms such as Blogger.


We offer various social media management services. We can be your community manager, creating and managing your Leeds company pages or blogs, attend your followers, publish your news on social networks, create and manage advertising campaigns on facebook paid ads, etc.